XpiritGames: a journey to launch projects

Welcome to the most exciting week of your life. A boat trip where we will launch innovative projects while navigating through the Mediterranean Sea. Join us if you dream of creating or collaborating in projects and startups that improve the world. Historic cities, hundreds of people from all over the world, parties and conferences related to sustainability are waiting for you.

Barcelona Roma

7 days in September 2022

194 nationalities . All of them!

3 major awards

We' re all in the same boat!

This is an experience in which people from all over the world can collaborate to create social and sustainable entrepreneurship projects.

An experience where people from all over the world can join efforts and collaborate to create social and sustainable entrepreneurship projects.

A 7-day nautical voyage organised by Los18.org in which we will search for innovative and creative solutions to improve this world. Solutions that will be eligible for great direct awards and private funding. This trip will depart from Barcelona on 5 September 2022 at 19:00 and will return to Barcelona on 12 September at 9:00. Before that, it will stop in cities such as Marseille, Rome, Palermo and Mallorca. We will organise hackathons, talks and meetings with prestigious scientists, leaders from the private sector, the public sector and the third sector, in what will be the first XpiritGames. There are 4 types of people who can register for this trip: 

- Entrepreneurs or people who want to sign up for a project that improves the world.

- Startups, which already have an idea and want to find a team, mentors, investors and rewards.

- Travellers, either as a couple, alone or in a group, who want to live this experience simply by attending some workshops, talks or presentations of the working teams

- Mentors or experts. People with more experience who want to help the entrepreneurs, who can guide them, give them advice and, at the same time, enjoy this adventure.

1 ship

18000 euros the first prize

1000 people

194 nationalities

The trip

  • Barcelona

    Start creating

    September 5, 2022. The adventure will start in Barcelona, where we will welcome the participants of the XpiritGames with actions and dissemination activities in the street.

  • The crossing

    Cross the Mediterranean Sea and Xperiment

    During the trip we will make stops in Marseille, Rome, Palermo and Mallorca and you will have the opportunity to work and establish relationships with influential people and organisations from the sustainability world and entrepreneurship that will make your project grow.

  • Roma

    Improving the future

    We will welcome the first XpiritGames with social actions in the street and as the highlight of this experience, you will present your project next to the Colosseum in Rome.

  • Barcelona

    End of the trip

    September 12, 2022. We will return to Barcelona, award the prizes and organise a great event.

An experience with a lot to be won

The first award will be €18,000. It will also include a pre-incubation, business incubation and mentoring process in one of the main programmes of our educational and entrepreneurship partners. The second and third awards will be €9,000 and €5,000, respectively. In addition to a 3-month premium incubation and mentoring process.

We will have among the mentors and participants of the trip, people from investment funds, both seed investment and global investment for those ideas with a global scope, a great incentive for everyone!

In addition, the 17 best projects will be entitled to a 3-month mentoring by experts in social entrepreneurship. 

The Challenge of this journey is to find the best ideas to tackle the problems of TODAY and of the future.

In short, the challenge is not to wait for dinner because you are crossing the ocean and looking for an idea that improves the lives of thousands or millions of people around the world.

It is to be one of the people chosen for this trip, a project that will be very mediatic and, above all, that will be recognized by society and by people who need new ideas.

Limited places

Are you up for it?


Sign up

Do you dream about different trips? Come and join us!

You can sign up by submitting an idea alone or in a group, or by joining an existing idea or simply as an individual traveler, as a couple, with your family or with a group of friends.


Formalize pre-registration

Pay only 50 € and book your place

ALL the money will be refunded if you do not make the full reservation or the event does not take place, either due to external or internal causes.


Make the final payment

Choose when to pay the rest of the ticket

From September 2021 until 31 December 2021 you will be able to pay for the entire trip. The cost will be between 700€ (inside double) and 1000€ (outside with balcony).

The boat

Our ship will use Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The fight against climate change and the protection of marine ecosystems are our main commitment on this voyage. We want to be a great loudspeaker to promote cleaner fuels.

LNG is the world's "cleanest" fossil fuel and represents the most viable solution to manage increasingly restrictive emission limits. The use of LNG allows reusing sulphur dioxide (SOx) emissions, reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 25%, reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 85% and reducing particulate matter (PM) emissions by 95%.

We are people who want to change things from the inside, so we think it is better to promote a big ship using LNG than to stay at home and not pollute at all. We are aware that our voyage will generate waste, so we have activities planned in advance to offset our waste and, above all, we want to be the loudspeaker for all the big ships in the world to switch to this type of less polluting fuel. 


The payment includes the boat trip to Barcelona and return. The entire stay of 7 nights and 8 days in the cabins for a maximum of two people with breakfast, lunch and dinner every day included. Drinks such as water, soft drinks, beer, etc. are included, except for drinks outside the menu, such as cocktails and similar.  

In addition, the payment allows to access all city stops, all events, training and workshops on SDGs and entrepreneurship, the event experience next to the Coliseum. 

It's a very generous package and a unique opportunity!

Barcelona has an important International Airport with thousands of flights and daily connections. It is also easily accessible by road and train, with daily and very frequent connections with the high-speed train from Madrid. 

Arrival and departure from Barcelona are not included in the price of the cruise. We have agreements with travel agencies and airlines that we can facilitate you if necessary.

We want this sustainable entrepreneurship competition to be charged with a real spirit and commitment to change things in the world, and that this spirit is entrepreneurial, of self-improvement and of love for our planet. We want to inspire a whole generation. Can you help us achieve this?

Yes, the deposit is 50€ and if the XpiritGames does not take place we will fully refund your money. The same applies to the full payment, which will also be refunded in full if the trip does not take place due to the cancellation of the event.

Prizes for the winners will be awarded by bank transfer to the promoter of the business idea. The organisation/company that promotes your idea will have the right to bid for 5% of the shares of the idea if a company is finally launched

Of course, you can come to the trip and you will only have to attend the regular events. We will only ask you to care about sustainability and to choose an SDG. It is true that we will give priority to people who bring ideas that want to change the world, but everyone is welcome. Come and join us!

No problem. You have to show us your profile using the pre-registration form. Inside it, you will have to select the SDGs in which you are interested in participating, your skills as a professional and the added value you can bring to the development of a business idea. We will then select the best candidates and connect them with the projects that best suit their characteristics.

Yes, the business idea can be a joint one. You can see the steps to follow in the pre-registration form. We accept a maximum of 4 people per team, but if you are more, please let us know so we can coordinate it!


This initiative is organised by Los18.org, a social, apolitical and universal platform that promotes sustainability.

We have been carrying out activities of all kinds for 5 years: from hackathons to human figures with more than 2,500 people, including the incubation of social projects. We are a team of professionals committed to sustainable development. We want to involve society as a whole to improve our environment. We want to spread the idea of Los18.org with the entire world.


A great team

These are some of the members from the team of 18 who make this Xtraordinary journey possible.

Héctor García

General Manager

Laura Van Assche

Public Relations

Alberto Esteban de Blas


Sara Hernández

Product Manager

Álvaro Castellanos

Project Manager

Fernando Dorado

Customer Success Manager

Julio Ceballos

Director of Business Development

Susana Núñez

Head of HR

Anna Hurtado


Javier Haroun

HackatSDG team leader

Belen Hernández

Project Manager

Elina Bauzá

Innovation manager

Our goals

We will tackle concrete problems related to people, the planet, prosperity, Peace and Alliances. People. Planet. Prosperity. Peace and Alliances.




Peace & Alliances

Zero Waste Responsibility

Before starting our journey we will do activities to make our epic action sustainable and thus reverse the ecological footprint we will leave behind in terms of waste and CO2 emissions.

To this end, we have already begun to collaborate with local entities in different cities in tasks such as environmental preservation, waste collection in natural and urban environments and tree planting. 

In doing so, we are aware of the great challenge we face: measuring our impact. We are fully committed to ensuring that, by the time we embark, we have made a positive contribution to our local environment.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Fill in this form or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.